• Will AI Replace Your Job?

    Will AI Replace Your Job?

    Artificial Intelligence is on the rise in the workplace. AI is actually doing a better job than humans in many different areas.

    For example, AI has the ability to analyze sales calls at a much faster rate than sales managers can. AI is also helping develop different content strategies and playbooks for marketers. Many analysts feel that it is inevitable that AI will have a bigger role in the process.

    Will AI make humans perform better at their jobs? The truth may be somewhere in the middle. AI will certainly make it easier for people to do their jobs more effectively by placing an emphasis on data. However, it is also a known fact that many jobs will be replaces by machines, which is a key part of any technological revolution.

    Research has helped the workforce prepare for the marketing and sales jobs that are at risk of being replaced by bots, robots, and AI within the next few years. The probability of the jobs being replaced by AI are based on the required training and intelligence needed to complete the job.

    Jobs That Could Be In Jeopardy:


    Unlike other sales jobs, telemarketers do not need a lot of involvement to be successful. The low conversion rates for direct telephone sales increase the chances of this job becoming automated.


    There is different proofreading software available on the market, which decreases the value of the human element. The proofreading software makes it easy for companies to do spelling and grammar checks within seconds.


    Couriers are starting to be replaced by robots and drones, so it is inevitable that couriers will eventually be completely replaces by automation.


    Automated phone and scheduling systems are able to replace the human element of a traditional receptionist role. Many modern technology companies have started the process.

    Research Analysts

    Market research analysts have an important role in the development of content and messaging, but automated AI helps companies receive information faster.

    Computer Support Specialists

    While there is a lot of potential job growth in this field, the content on the internet makes it easy for companies to rely on automation and bots to answer any questions that customers and employees have.


    Advertising is shifting away from TV and print towards social media. Social media platforms are helping companies buy space through a number of different application program interfaces. Companies are simply removing the salesperson to help users earn income in a more efficient manner.

    This strategy also extends to retail. With new features such as a self checkout line, companies are adapting to the more modern buyer who is likely to use the internet to help make an informed buying decision.