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    Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Mobile is a telecommunications brand that is based in several different nations. Each country’s brand operates independently. The company has wireless services that are available in the United States, Canada, China, India, France, Chile, India, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

    Virgin USA is a subsidiary of Verizon Nextel, a telecommunications provider of wireless phone and internet services. It began in 2001 as a partnership between Verizon and the U.K. based Virgin Group, but Verizon bought out Virgin’s share in 2009. Virgin services about six million customers. Its headquarters are in Warren, New Jersey. The company’s handheld broadband devices are widely available at electronics stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Radioshack.

    Virgin has a wide variety of different phone options to offer its customers. The company offers a smart phone called the Blackberry. The first version was released in 2010. The company also sells several standard phones. They include Kyocera and Samsung brands. The company seeks to be a leader in smart phone innovation.

    According to its websites, Virgin Mobile has received several accolades in recent years. The USA brand received an award from JD Power and Associates for customer service in 2012. It also earned a “best cell phone plans” award from Kiplingers Personal Finance in 2011. The Australia brand has also compiled an impressive list of awards. It received the Roy Morgan Australian Provider of the Year award in 2012. It has also finished in first place in several customer satisfaction surveys. Meanwhile, Virgin Mobile Canada has received JD Power and Associates’ best customer service award for two years in a row.

    Virgin Mobile’s awards and accolades show that it has a consistent reputation for good service. The wide diversity of markets that it services and the existence of several independent brands make it difficult to predict what the future will hold for this company. Some brands may succeed, while others fail. If it continues its tradition of great service, however, Virgin Mobile should be able to achieve further success.

    Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of the Sprint Nextel Corporation that was founded in 2001 in an effort to provide low cost wireless solutions. The company operates on the Sprint CDMA network and offers 4G service on some devices via the Clearwire WiMax infrastructure.


    Virgin offers consumers two plan types to choose from. The Beyond Talk Unlimited Messaging and Data plan gives users unlimited text and unlimited 3G/4G data for a low flat rate price. Unlimited talk is $55 per month. Customers can also choose from 1200 minutes for $45 or 300 minutes for $35. Regardless of which voice calling plan is chosen, messaging and data are always unlimited.

    The other plan option is known as PayLo. These plans include a minimal amount of data and focus more on talk and messaging options. For $40, a user will get unlimited talk and text. For $30 per month, 1500 minutes and 1500 texts are available and 400 minutes with a per text charge of $0.15 is available for $20 per month. The phone options available for PayLo subscribers is significantly smaller and focuses more on basic phones. Smartphones are not available on the PayLo plans.

    Aside from phone plans, Virgin Mobile also offers mobile broadband options. The Broadband2Go plans allow subscribers to access the web anytime via a laptop, tablet, or other portable device. For $55 per month, users receive unlimited 4G data and 5 GB of 3G data. For $35, 2 GB of 3G data is available while still maintaining unlimited 4G access.

    Features and Benefits

    Virgin Mobile offers consumers a low cost mobile solution that does not require a contract. It is well suited for customers who have poor or no credit or for those that do not want to sign a 2 year agreement for phone service but still insist on having nationwide coverage on the Sprint network. Virgin also offers a phone insurance option for an additional monthly charge. The charge varies depending on the phone but will allow customers to replace a lost or stolen phone for much less than normal. Another popular feature is the mobile hot spot option. On some phone models, users can share the phone’s 3G/4G data connection with any WiFi compatible device. This service costs an additional $15 per month.


    Virgin phones come in many different varieties. Many of the phones available are the same phones offered by the major carriers with a contract. Some of the more popular Virgin phones include the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S II. Since the phones are purchased without a contract the initial costs of the phones tend to be a little bit higher. For example, the Apple iPhone 4 is currently selling for $349. The Samsung Galaxy S II is available for $299. Basic phone options start as low as $15 for the equipment. It is important to decide what phone features will be required when choosing a new phone.

    For mobile broadband, Virgin Mobile offers two types of devices. The first is the Overdrive Pro mobile hot spot. This device is a WiFi hot spot that can support up to 10 devices at the same time. Although this is a good option, some older computers do not have built-in WiFi support. In this case, Virgin also offers the U600 USB stick. This device plugs into any available USB port on the computer meaning that any computer can connect to the Internet. The USB stick only supports one device at a time as it must be physically plugged into the device.

    Help and Support

    Virgin Mobile offers live phone support 7 days a week. The company website also allows subscribers to log into their accounts and manage many features such as plan and features changes 24 hours a day. There is currently no live chat option available on the web site; however, the site does allow customers to send email messages to the support team. The company was recently awarded the J.D Power and Associates award for having the “Highest Ranked Customer Service Performance Among Non-Contract Wireless Providers.”


    As a prepaid phone solution, there is no contract or termination fees. A subscriber can simply not renew the monthly plan at any time and restart service again whenever it is convenient for them. There are no activation fees either. The purchase of the equipment and the first month of service are the only charges associated with starting new service. Roaming charges are also non-existent. The phones operate on the Sprint network exclusively and therefor cannot roam or incur any roaming charges.

    Virgin Mobile offers customers a low cost wireless solution that does not require a contract or commitment of any kind. Operating on the nationwide Sprint network means that customers will experience reliable coverage in most places and 4G data speeds via the WiMax network where available.



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    1. July 11, 2013

      Name: Patricia L.

      Provider: Virgin Mobile

      Make: HTC

      Model: Samsung


      I have a virgin mobile pre-paid cell and for the most part its a good phone but every know and than you have to turn the phone on an off, or you loose coverage depending on where you are