• The Most Useful and Elusive Features of iOS 10

    The Most Useful and Elusive Features of iOS 10

    The most recent update to iOS, the stellar operating system from Apple that powers their line of portable devices, includes a number of awesome features that many people have been demanding for years. Of course, as with any major update, there are also a number of new features that aren’t exactly obvious at first glance. Below is a list of 10 of the most helpful tricks for iOS 10.

    1. Handwritten Messages

    The Messages app probably received the largest single update, and one of the most overlooked features is handwritten messages. When in the Messages app, simply turn the phone to landscape mode in order to write with your fingertip. The app will also save handwritten messages so you can send them multiple times.

    2. Photo Doodling

    Photos can now be drawn on similar to Snapchats thanks to the new Photos app. The app includes Photo Editor integration, and Markup is the default editor loaded in the app. You can add color doodles, text boxes, and even zoom in on areas of the photo.

    3. Close All Safari Tabs

    Older versions of Safari for iOS limited the number of tabs you could have open at once, and you were forced to close those tabs one at a time. With iOS 10, Safari can handle unlimited tabs, and it can close them all at once. This can be accomplished by simply holding the tab button until the option to close them all appears.

    4. Selfies with Siri

    You can now ask Siri to ‘take a selfie’ and the front-facing camera on the device will activate. Of course, it is still up to the user to actually depress the shutter in order to take the photo, but Siri integration makes it a snap to open the camera.

    5. Change Flashlight Brightness

    Thanks to the advances of 3D Touch and haptic response, you can now use the flashlight on the phone with three different brightness levels. Simply press the flashlight button with a hard-press in order to toggle the options.

    6. Voicemail-to-Text

    You’ll now be able to have your voicemails transcribed into text right within the app. The technology is relatively new and still in beta testing, but the results are promising so far. This feature is very convenient for reading messages in a situation where you might not be able to listen to the voicemail itself.

    7. Live Photo Editing

    Live Photos was a smash feature that many people loved right away, but those images couldn’t be edited before iOS 10. The new editing tools for the Photos app have been completely redesigned, and they now function with Live Photos as well.

    8. Home Button Reset

    One feature of iOS that many people have expressed concerns over is the new way the operating system is unlocked. Older versions only required Touch ID to rest a finger on the button, but now it must actually be pressed. However, there is a feature within the Accessibility settings that allows you to change the Home button back to the way it used to be.

    9. Integrated Apps

    Each individual app within iOS is now connected to the others in profound ways. For instance, the Messages app is connected with multimedia apps, and the Maps app can connect to third party apps like Yelp and OpenTable, which helps improve the utility of the Maps app.

    10. Notifications & 3D Touch

    Organization is much more intuitive for iOS 10. All notifications are grouped by the day they occurred, and the new 3D Touch feature allows the user to clear all notifications at once. You can also use 3D Touch to interact with those notifications, like answering texts directly from the notification.