• The iPhone 7 Catches Up and Obliterates the Competition

    The iPhone 7 Catches Up and Obliterates the Competition

    You love Apple products. From a software standpoint, they have always given you everything you need. Your life revolves around iCloud, and you’ve got everything synced with your Mac. Yet, you see the commercials for other smartphones, and you can’t help feeling that Apple is falling behind. The innovation that made this phone so popular seems to be relegated to smaller, thinner and prettier. The good news is that Apple has finally caught up, and the new iPhone 7 is unlike anything else on the market.

    Water Resistance is Finally Here

    The lack of water resistance has always been a serious drawback to the iPhone. We use our phone’s for everything, so why wouldn’t the iPhone have a waterproof design? IF you’ve ever gone running in the rain with your preferred running app, you know that you’ll have to either take the risk and put your iPhone in a plastic bag or leave it at home. Now, the new iPhone is water resistant. While it’s not waterproof, and you won’t want to take it swimming, this new feature eliminates much of the soreness over finding your iPhone doesn’t cover water damage.

    No More Headphone Cables

    The new iPhone has no slot for a headphone cable. This is a blessing to some and a feature fail for others. It means you won’t be able to use your high-quality headphones with the new iPhone. However, with Bluetooth being so prevalent, you’ll be able to easily add a new set of Bluetooth headphones. The new earphones that Apple has developed are called AirPods. They are designed to work specifically with the new iPhone 7, and they are truly wireless. There is no cable that connects the pods to each other, and they have accelerometers built-in to automatically detect when they are in your ears.

    New Design Options

    The new iPhone is ditching the matte metal finish that has been a hallmark of this device’s design for years. The new iPhone has a glossy design that you can literally see yourself in. The color is jet black, and it’s a much darker shade of black than the previous models. If you still prefer the older design, you’ll be able to choose a more traditional coloring.

    Force Sensitive Design

    If you’re used to using a new MacBook, you’ll appreciate the addition of a force sensitive system. The new iPhone can respond to the level of force that you use, which can help give you additional ways to manage your content and get more done. App designers will be able to make more interactive games using this new technology.

    An Improved Camera

    The back camera in the new iPhone is also much improved to the point where it’s literally the best smartphone camera on the market. It now features optimal image stabilization and a brighter f/1.8 lens. This lens makes it possible to bring in 50 percent more light than the iPhone 6S f/2.2 lens. Additionally, the new sensor on the 12-megapixel lens is 30 percent more efficient and 60 percent faster than the previous model. Everything about the camera is improved, and you’ll be able to take outstanding pictures for memories that will last a lifetime. The front-facing camera has also been upgraded, and you’ll be able to take better selfies using the automatic image stabilization feature and the seven-megapixel lens.

    One exciting new feature is that the iPhone 7 Plus now has a dual camera system. It’s now possible to easily switch between a wide-angle 28mm lens and a close-up 60mm lens equivalent. All you have to worry about is selecting the 1x or 2x button. This is far more than just a zoom feature, it’s an entirely new lens designed for close-up shots.