• Optimum


    After searching high and low for a high speed internet provider that is actually worthy of the bills that they charge, I looked into a company called Optimum. They are also a wireless internet provider as well. This company caters service to residents in Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. They were formerly known as “Bresnan Online” and later were bought out and named as “Optimum.” They provide Cable Television, High Speed Internet, Home Telephone Services and they also offer plans for businesses as well.If I had to describe their service in one word, that word would be simple. They take the hassle out of having to pay separate bills at different times, and they simply combine everything into one bill, at one flat rate. They offer a “bundle package” that entails using their phone, Internet and TV service all wrapped into one, for one rate of $89.85. Mind you, the only problem with the bundle package is that those rates will only stay that way for 1 year and after your 1 year of service is up, the rate can fluctuate higher. They also offer individualized package plans from phone service to wireless internet service.I have written down a guide that shows their pricing and plans. For the monthly TV packages you can expect to pay $25 for basic cable, $64.95 for their value plan, $74.95 for their preferred plan, $89.95 for their silver plan and $109.95 for their Gold Plan. If you buy a package that does not have a station that you want on it, you can buy that station for an extra $4.95 or $11.95. If you are a huge sports fan, you can order the Sports Pak for $5.95 a month, NBA League Pass for $179 a season or ESPN Gameplan for $142 a season. They also offer DVR services at an extra $11.95 a month.

    You can rent a remote control for only .14 cents per month! Or if you need a box you can rent that for an extra $6.70 per month. If you are curious what the rates for their Internet plans are, please keep reading. If you have the Value Plan or Family cable TV plans, for your first year of service you are looking at $29.95 per month for high speed internet. To add phone service to your plan, you are looking at a fee of $19.95 in monthly payments when you use their Rewards Discount.

    Another excellent thing about this company is that they back their service quality with a 30-day money back guarantee. When it comes to technical support they have you backed 24/7. Their main Headquarters office is located in Bethpage NY at Cablevision Systems Corp. Are they the best company out there? I would say that after reading many unbiased reviews that they are an above average company. While they are not the best, they do provide a good solid service for a somewhat reasonable rate.

    When it comes to their popular high speed internet slogan “download speeds up to 10 times faster than regular DSL Internet,” what they really mean is that their connectivity can range up to 15 Mbps downstream as well as 2 Mbps upstream. You can even pay a little extra for the Online Boost option to get even faster speeds. What you get with their Online Boost option is more speed that has 30 Mbps for some downloads and 5 Mbps for other downloads. It also comes inclusive of web hosting for your website, domain name registration, 250 email addresses that are personalized and the ability to host your own Website or e-mail server.

    They also offer options for you to get free wifi or wireless internet as long as you sign in with your Optimum ID! You can sign online via the Internet, through your cell phone, gaming system, camera or whatever device you have that is capable to run with their free wifi. All you have to do is add your location and you are set up to get your free wifi option. They actually have a list of all compatible devices listed on their company website. Bresnan covers every aspect for all of your telephone, TV or Internet needs.

    I am personally an Optimum user and over-all I am very satisfied with their product. There have been very rare occasions where the TV was out all day due to problems, but out of the entire time that I have used their service that has only happened twice. They have been in business for around 3-4 years or so that I can recall. When it comes to having a wireless internet provider these guys are the best in my opinion. I have had more problems with my actual laptop than I have with their wireless internet service, which says a lot!

    If you want prompt service with quality, you aren’t going to find a better company to go through in these regions. While there are better companies out there, for these particular regions when it comes to TV, phone and wireless internet providers they are top of the line. Remember if you do the all-in-one package you can get all 3 high speed internet, TV and telephone service all for $89.85 for the first year! With Internet speeds up to 30 Mbps you seriously cannot go wrong. With one flat fee a month this is by far the best service provider around. Not to mention the customization options, you will be hooked up with everything that you need.

    With all of these great services included from high speed internet, wireless internet and free wifi options available, you are fit with the best wireless internet provider around. With fair pricing, one simple fee per month and excellent 24/7 customer service they are truly the best provider for you to choose if you live in Colorado, Montana, Utah or the Wyoming region. They have notched their way to the top, heavily advertised in commercials to consistently great performance in service, Optimum has it all.

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