• Netflix Renews “The OA” For a Second Season

    Netflix Renews

    The OA has been renewed for a second season.

    Created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, The OA is part of Netflix’s line of original programming. It follows the story of a young woman who vanishes for seven years only to return to civilization with a mysterious story and even more mysterious scars. Though reluctant to share anything with the authorities, she recruits a group of young people to learn about her past and help her complete a secret mission.

    Warning! Plot spoilers to follow. Only read further if you’ve already seen the first season!

    The first big shocker of The OA was the revelation that its main character, Prairie, was blind before she disappeared and sighted by the time that she came back. The second twist concerned how and why this miracle occurred.

    Blinded by a near-death experience (NDE) as a child, Prairie caught the attention of a scientist obsessed with death, the afterlife and the all-consuming question of where people “go” when they follow the white light. He kidnapped Prairie and held her captive with several other people who had experienced NDEs. By killing and reviving them over and over, the scientist hoped to gain new insight into life and death, but what he didn’t realize was that Prairie was putting together her own clues with each journey into the unknown.

    End of spoilers.

    Creative and complex, The OA quickly drew attention from mainstream audiences who found themselves immersed in a world without rules. Comparisons ran from Stranger Things, another reality-warping Netflix series, to Lost, the show that kicked off a national love of mysteries, theories and puzzles through plot twists.

    The OA also drew a certain amount of controversy for its final episode, a polarizing conclusion that posed more questions than it answered. Audiences wondered if their investment was worth it or if they’d just wasted their time.

    Thankfully, Netflix silenced these critics by dropping a teaser trailer on YouTube called “The OA | Coming: Part II.” Though it doesn’t offer any new details or release dates, the simple fact that The OA isn’t over has reassured fans who were left hanging.

    This isn’t the first time that Netflix has played coy with The OA‘s marketing, however. The first season was dropped with no warning, only a trailer uploaded simultaneously with the series’ first eight episodes. Audiences were quite surprised since Netlix usually announces their content months in advance, but viewers quickly jumped on the bandwagon and started bingeing the series.

    Here are a few typical headlines from the initial phase of OA mania:

    “‘The OA’ Ending: 5 Theories That Might Explain It”

    “The OA Fan Theories: The Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre”

    “Hidden Details in ‘The OA’ Season 1 That Are Designed to Manipulate Your Emotions”

    From blurred dates on book packages to braille spelling out secret messages in office backgrounds, The OA made it fun for audiences to puzzle through its possibilities, and it’s sure to provide a similar experience in the second season. While there’s no telling how many episodes we can expect to see from the show overall, series creator and star Brit Marling has left the door wide open.

    “We always thought of it almost like books,” she said, “and there could be many different volumes.”

    Will we see a continuation of Prairie’s story? Will we be introduced to new characters undergoing a similar journey? Will The OA be an anthology series, or will season two go right back to the characters of season one?

    Only one thing is for certain: With this show, anything is possible.