• Netflix Officially Launches Video Previews

    Netflix Officially Launches Video Previews

    Earlier this year, Netflix started testing a new feature that it calls video previews. The goal of these previews is to replace the still images that you typically see when browsing shows and movies with video clips or previews. This feature is now being offered globally on all Netflix-enabled streaming media players and televisions.

    Short in Length, High in Detail

    Netflix says that these video previews are different than the traditional trailers that you see online. They are designed to be much shorter. They are also more focused on offering a highlight of the characters, tone and story. You will only see these previews when you click on a title to read more about it while browsing for TV shows and movies.

    Less Browsing More Watching

    The goal of this feature is to get people to browse less and watch more. During early tests, they found that people who watched the short previews were more likely to give TV shows and movies a chance. This keeps them from aimlessly searching Netflix for something to watch so that they can spend more time being entertained.

    No Video Previews for Smartphones or Tablets

    As of now, this feature is only available through the Netflix TV experience. This means that you won’t be seeing video previews on tablets or smartphones just yet. Netflix feels that offering video previews on these devices would be more cumbersome and less helpful.

    No Disable Feature

    During early beta testing, video previews received overwhelming positive reviews. However, some of the testers didn’t like the feature, stating that the previews were more “interruptive” than the still images. To fix this, the testers asked Netflix to include an option that allows them to turn the video previews off. This is a feature that Netflix decided not to include, at least not yet.

    Video Downloads

    This is just one of the new features that Netflix has rolled out as of late. The streaming service has also introduced the ability to download videos and TV shows on the go. The goal of this feature is to give you the ability to download certain shows and movies when you’re at home and around a Wi-Fi connection. Then you can watch the downloaded shows when you aren’t connected to the internet, saving your wireless data. This feature isn’t available for all TV shows and movies just yet. It does, however, include some of the more popular shows on Netflix such as:

    • “Stranger Things,”
    • “House of Cards,”
    • “Breaking Bad,” and
    • animated moves such as “Kung Fu Panda 3.”

    Netflix confirmed that it will be adding more TV shows and movies in the near future. The Netflix download feature is included in all Netflix plans.