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    Metro PCS has always provided cheap cellphone service, currently offering rate plans in the $40, $50, $60 and $70 range. All plans include unlimited local and long distance calling, unlimited SMS and MMS messaging and unlimited Internet access. In addition, all plans are no-contract plans, giving the freedom to switch devices or cancel your Metro PCS subscription at any time. Metro PCS provides a wide range of phones, from cheaper feature phones to more expensive Android and 4G smartphones. They have pretty good network quality in most areas; their network speed for data transfer is a bit on the low side. Most major cellphone networks use a combination of a backbone network for calling and SMS (CDMA/GSM), and a network for data and MMS (3G/4G). While Metro PCS has a CDMA backbone, it also uses that backbone for web access; this tends to produce dial-up speeds and is usually unusable for all but the most basic of web browsing. Metro PCS does have a 3G and a 4G network, but they aren’t available in all areas and the 3G network tends to be about the same speed as their backbone network. They do have 4G internet service, but this is limited to their 4G phones, which are pricey. The 4G network has speeds comparable to other major carriers’ 3G network, and is even more slow when you’re trying to access the network in a high population area.

    Their choice of phones tends toward Android smartphones; they have a few feature phones available, but they are all extremely basic phones. Their smartphones are good quality, but tend to be in the midrange end of performance. Their 4G phones are very high-end for the carrier, but suffer from battery life problems that are common 4G phones.

    While their network doesn’t have best internet speeds and their phones tend to be middling in performance, Metro PCS does offer low-cost rate plans and phones, and they provide good coverage in their service areas. They also offer unlimited service with their rate plans, a feature becoming rarer among the bigger carriers. Overall, MetroPCS is a great cellphone provider for anyone looking for cheap prepaid service in a metropolitan area.

    metroPCS has grown into one of the largest providers of affordable cell phone plans. They count over 280 million Americans using their services. That’s near 90% of the entire country. There are no long term contracts obligating their customers because the company is comfortable enough to know if given a quality product, people will stay because they want to, not because they’ve been given no choice.

    Along with that freedom, there’s lighting fast speeds that won’t stall messaging, texting or web usage. They were the first to offer 4G LTE network coverage. There are no hidden fees. Pay one flat rate a month and get the unlimited talk, text and web that other services talk about but end up charging a lot more.


    The company offers a series of affordable plans. Each features unlimited talk, text and data. It will vary from there based on unique services. Any individual customer’s personal needs can definitely be met through one of these affordable plans.

    3G Plans

    Starting at $40 with 3G, get unlimited talk, text and data and 3G speed. It comes with Unlimited Picture Talk which allows the transmission of photographs by cell phone or email. Voice mail accepts up to 20 sixty second messages. It also includes caller ID, call waiting and three way conversations. TextTalk provides mobile-to-mobile text messaging at all times to anyone. MetroWEB is unlimited Internet access. Visit favorite sites on your metroPCS phones.

    Each advanced plan contains all of the above with additional features that a customer might find usable. With the $45 plan, the company offers Unlimited Metro411 Directory Assistance through text search or voice. Get phone numbers, directions and maps easily sent to a cell phone. Unlimited Screen-It displays a caller’s name and number on the phone.

    The $50 plan has everything above as well as Metro411 Premium Directory Assistance. For Androids under this plan, there’s Visual Voicemail that allows listening to messages in any order with a single touch. Unlimited TextTalk Global lets you text internationally.

    The company offers two $60 3G plans. One is designed specifically for Blackberry smart phones. Unlimited Pocket Expenses is a mobile app that lets you access all important information in a single place without browsing. Sports, news, weather, horoscopes, stocks, maps and much more, all are available without having to wait for the Internet. Windows Live Messaging, AOL and Yahoo! Messenger members can read and send IMs. Unlimited MetroNavigator gives precise, audible, turn-by-turn directions.

    The second plan is definitely for the music lover. Get your unlimited talk, text, data and all the other great features plus unlimited access to Rhapsody’s music library. Rhapsody Unlimited Music puts the music site’s entire 12 million song catalog at the fingertips. Create, download and share playlists. This plan is unique and only available as is. If you switched to another plan, you’d lose this service and all the music downloads.

    4G Plans

    metroPCS has 4G plans that are in general similar to their 3G counterparts, except they come with 4G LTE which is up to 10x faster than 3G. It can be a phenomenal difference when waiting for a web connection or substantial download.

    The $40 4G plan gives the first 250MB at 4G LTE speed for video, music and other media. With the $50 plan, get 2.5 GB. There is currently a unique, limited time only $55 4G plan that gives unlimited media data for a single line of service. The $60 plan with Rhapsody has 5 GB of data at blazing fast speeds. There’s also a unique $70 plan with unlimited data that comes with MetroSTUDIO Video on Demand. You’ll have access to TV shows and other entertainment that can be streamed directly to metroPCS phones.

    Once any data limit has been reached, speeds will be reduced for the remainder of the billing cycle. Any of these plans, except for the $55 4G LTE, can become a Family Plan by adding up to five additional lines at a saving of $5 per phone.


    The company offers a number of services that can be added to any plan for a fee. A number of these services are available on existing plans but this option allows the customization of the service to suit personal needs. i.e, a music download subscription via MetroSTUDIO can be added to any other 4G plan for $5.

    The number of available services can’t be listed in detail here but for both 3G and 4G they include: Call Detail, MetroBACKUP, Call Forwarding, [email protected], MetroGUARD, ringtone subscriptions and more. This also includes some of the standard features, like Screen-It and Metro411, which can be added to any other plan. 4G services offer Mexico Unlimited, MetroNavigator and the MetroGlobal Unlimited International Calling option, among others.

    The prices for these services vary. More information can be gotten directly from the metroPCS website.


    These phones services work across a wide array of phones. This gives a consumer a good variety to choose from while still being able to take full advantage of the company’s plans. Determine what features in a phone best suit you. First, there are styles like flip and bar phones, and various screen sizes. Are you comfortable with simply a camera or would you like to shoot hi-def video? Touch screen or QWERTY keyboard? There are certainly plenty of phones available from respected manufacturers that will fit the bill. metroPCS can work with you, finding the best phone for your needs.

    If you’re starting a family plan, there may be an option to get some free metroPCS phones. It’s not unusual to receive an offer of buying one phone and getting a second free phone for equal or lesser value. They also have a line of accessories from shields to Bluetooth devices and more for metroPCS phones.

    Help & Support

    Starting with a thorough FAQ, the company offers a comprehensive and sturdy customer support network. There are a number of ways to pay your bill and upgrading your plan is as simple as a click of the mouse, or if you prefer, a quick phone call. There’s also the option of using eWallet or billfloat to pay your bill. Manage your account directly on the website. Track orders and rebates, activate phones and more.

    If there were a need, contact the provider directly. They have a 24/7 phone staff ready to answer queries and resolve problems about products and services in a professional and courtesy manner.


    metroPCS is one of the largest mobile communications networks in the United States, offering its subscribers exceptional phone services at the most affordable prices. Unlike its comparable competitors, they do not request contracts or specific conditions of its customers. They have unlimited talk, text and web enfolded in a number of plans based on features and speed.

    The company is not resting on its laurels. It strives to bring new technology to the cell phone and cell phone service, including exciting innovations like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a plan to make 4G LTE available to everyone.

    With the best plans for savings, great nationwide coverage, free metroPCS phones, no annual contracts and the incredible speed of 4G LTE, metroPCS is the best bet for cell phone service.






    User Reviews

    1. August 19, 2016

      Name: Robert B.

      Provider: MetroPCS

      Make: LG

      Model: K7

      Little bit higher
      The amount of plan unlimited data but when it comes to 8gb it get slower most network r same

    2. March 7, 2013

      Name: Courtney K.

      Provider: MetroPCS

      Make: LG

      Model: MN180





      I enjoy this service and phone it keeps me intouch with everyone at anytime . I get the call the texted and the clerity when I’m on the rrun and service coverage is great. Thanks Metro PCS the best