• Latest Tablets and Trends

    Latest Tablets and Trends

    Tablets are innovative, lightweight, and portable devices. Tablets are used for a variety of reasons that include browsing the internet, watching movies, and playing mobile games. Using a tablet is easier than booting up a computer and tablets offer a longer battery life than laptops.

    Although typing a work proposal on the virtual keyboard of a tablet is unlikely; productivity can be increased while using this device. Using a tablet in the workplace can be helpful for performing basic work-related tasks such as managing schedules and viewing e-mail.

    Currently, there are several tablets on the market that offer excellent functionality and usability. These tablets offer powerful processors, innovative apps, and useful features.

    Top 2 in 1 Tablet

    • Microsoft Surface Pro 3

    The Surface Pro 3 is noticeably lighter and thinner than the previous models. The Pro 3 incorporates a larger 12-inch display with a higher resolution screen. There is also an innovative kickstand feature that makes it easier to view. The Surface Pro 3 includes a keyboard cover that is designed using premium quality. The device gives the user an optimized experience with a digital touch pen that is included.

    The performance and user specs of the Pro 3 are similar to the Pro 2; however, there are a few considerable improvements. This device operates as fast as most premier laptops. The changes in the design improved the keyboard and the hinge feature. The Surface Pro 3 is the first Microsoft device that has the potential to function as a primary PC.

    Currently, the innovative Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s most popular PC on the market. Although this device is more successful as a tablet than a laptop; the surface Pro offers impressive functionality.

    Most Popular Tablet

    • Apple iPad Air

    The iPad Air delivers impressive battery life and performance in a lightweight Apple package. The iPad Air is a thin and stylish device. The tablet has improved the front-facing camera and the Retina Display is considerably useful.

    Although the functionally of the new iPad Air is virtually identical to the previous generation; the newer model offers faster performance and improved video chatting capabilities. More importantly, the design of the iPad Air is unrivaled. This tablet is considerably more expensive than other tablets; however, this is the best full-size tablet on the market.

    Many loyal Apple users suggest getting excited about the new iPad Air. Although this model lacks the Touch ID feature; the solid battery life and impressive usability makes up for any drawbacks. The tablet also incorporates a new exterior design that is sleek and attractive.

    Top Android Tablet

    • Google Nexus 7

    The Google Nexus 7 is one of the best android tablets on the market. The Nexus 7 offers an incredibly crisp and bright HD screen. Nexus provides a premium device that combines powerful performance with improved usability. The Nexus 7 is second only to the fourth-generation iPad.

    The Nexus 7 weighs less than one pound and is the lightest Google tablet available. The tablet incorporates a sharp 4.5-inch screen when in portrait mode. The Nexus 7 is considerably portable and is easy to hold with one hand. This device has a simple yet appealing design.

    Text and webpages are easy to read on the Nexus. Images have detailed resolution and a high pixel density that is unmatched. The Nexus has one of the best displays. The colors on this device are more precise compared to other tablets. Overall, the beautiful display and powerful performance make the Nexus 7 one of the best android tablets on the market.

    Current Trends

    • 1.Tablets will continue to grow in popularity

    Although the iPad mini was one of the most popular tablets of the year, the emergence of Samsung and Google devices prove that tablets will continue to grow in popularity. As these devices continue to support newer, more innovative technology; the function of tablets will be geared toward users in retail, sales, architecture, and photography.

    The use of tablets will spread beyond the home and office. These useful devices will infiltrate public places like taxis, cafes, buses, restaurants, and airports. Tablets need little maintenance and are suitable for use in public places. In some cases, users will be able to order food and make purchases via tablets.

    • 2. Ultra HD 4K will spread to tablets

    Currently, ultra HD 4K is available on TVs and computers; however, this technology will spread to tablets. 4K content will stream via Sony’s Video Unlimited service, Netflix, and specific websites. This visually appealing content will become an industry norm for tablets and smartphones.

    Towards the end of 2014, tablets will witness an increase in resolution and pixel density. These improvements will start to usher-in the HD 4K revolution. More importantly, 4K technology with provide innovative 4K video support and cameras.

    • 3. Tablets and Education

    In an effort to reduce printing costs and incorporate useful software; tablets will become more prevalent in schools. Many institutions will implement tablets as an educational resource. This is a tool that can be used in several educational settings. Moreover, tablets offer more than 20,000 educational apps. Over the next decade, this number will increase significantly as more institutions utilize tablets.

    As tablets continue to integrate innovative technology, the popularity of the device will continue to grow. Currently tablets are used for work and entertainment; however, there are other distinct ways to use this impressive device.