• Latest Cell Phones From Verizon Wireless

    Latest Cell Phones From Verizon Wireless

    Looking for a new cell phone with the country’s largest calling service range? Verizon Wireless offers a plethora of cell phones, from cheap cell phones to smartphones for the tech-savvy. For those looking for a free cell phone, Verizon Wireless has that covered as well. There is a phone for any price range, from free to under $200, covering your free cell phone needs to your smartphone desires. See the cheap cell phones and free phones Verizon Wireless has to offer and see which phone will be hitting your wish list this year.

    A free cell phone is always a great deal, and Verizon Wireless offers a large selection of free cell phones and cheap cell phones for those looking for a great deal, and great cell phone coverage to go along with it. Free phones with a 2 year activation include the new HTC Rhyme, the perfect cell phone for the music lover, which runs at a great holiday price of free with a 2 year activation. Also available free with a 2 year activation is the Pantech Jest 2, which comes with a QWERTY keyboard and fits all the basic cell phone needs a person needs, and the Apple I-Phone 4, which allows the smartphone user to enjoy an eco-friendly phone with all the technology capability they need. With a Retina display for easy viewing and a Facetime video calling, the Apple I-Phone 4 is a lot of phone for a great price- free with a 2 year activation.

    There are many cheap phones under $100 with a 2 year activation to choose from, including the Samsung Galaxy III, the Pantech Hotshot (only $19.99), the LG Revere, and many more phones to choose from that will help you stay within budget while having a great phone on Verizon Wireless’ impressive coverage. If you’re looking for cheap cell phones in the higher range, consider the LG Cosmos 2, running at $79.99 on a 2 year activation and allows you to enjoy a 1.3 megapixel camera and a QWERT keyboard for all your texting needs. If you are looking for free cell phones, you can find one that meets your needs with Verizon Wireless, and there are many cheap cell phones to choose from to meet your financial needs while allowing you to have a great cell phone at the same time.

    Looking for a smartphone? Verizon Wireless has you covered with smartphones as well. Smartphones are all the rage, and Verizon Wireless is always introducing new styles to meet the technology craze for anyone looking for a phone the all the bells and whistles. The DROID DNA by HTC features a 5 inch screen for easy viewing, and runs $199.99 on a 2 year activation. Also popular is the Windows Lumia 822 for fast browsing and free music downloading. This phone is $99.99 with a 2 year activation with Verizon Wireless, and both of these phones feature 4G LTE for swift Internet browsing and capabilities.

    The ever-popular Apple I-Phone 5 is also available on Verizon Wireless service, and runs $199.99 on a 2 year activation. With an iSight camera with panerama and an A6 chip, you can have all the memory you need with the speed and reliability you can expect from Verizon Wireless. Also available is the new HTC Rhyme, the perfect cell phone for the music lover, which runs at a great holiday price of free with a 2 year activation. There are many holiday deals for any type of cell phone you are looking for, whether you want a free phone or a smartphone that can meet your downloading and browsing needs.

    Looking for a smartphone that won’t break your budget? Holiday sales at Verizon Wireless allow you to own just the phone you want at a price range you can afford. The Blackberry Bold 9930 is the slimmest Blackberry around, and can be yours for a holiday price (while supplies last) of only $99.99 with a 2 year activation, and gives you all the joy of owning a Blackberry for your home or business needs without the hefty costs. Cell phones are more affordable than ever with Verizon Wireless and their great daily and holiday deals for both basic and smartphones in any price range.

    When it comes to cell phones, whether you are looking for a free cell phone or just the great cell phones technology has to offer, let Verizon Wireless be your shopping guide for your new cell phone. Whether smartphones are your style, or you are just looking for free phones to give you great coverage, Verizon Wireless has many cell phones within a great variety of price ranges. With the best free cell phones around, Verizon Wireless can meet your needs with any cell phone while giving you the reliable coverage you expect. Whether you are looking for an affordable smartphone to give you all the technology in a phone you desire, or a free phone that covers all the basics, Verizon Wireless is your shopping destination for a new phone within any price range. From free to less than $200, you can find many phones to fit your style.