• Latest Cell Phones From T-Mobile

    Latest Cell Phones From T-Mobile

    Cell phones are like little computers these days and like computers they are constantly being upgraded into bigger and better versions of themselves. Cell phone providers often use the lure of steeply discounted or free cell phones to get people to purchase a plan with them. The upside of this for the consumer is that while people who want a specific phone or are not willing to enter a contract may have to purchase their phone, everyone else should be able to take advantage of free cell phone deals.

    Latest Smartphones

    The HTC One S sells for $149.99 on the T-Mobile website. This price includes a $350 discount for signing up for a 2-year plan with data and also a $50 rebate that users must apply for after purchasing the phone. It runs the Android OS in version 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The HTC One S features an 8MP camera and is 4G capable for the fastest possible speed in 4G coverage areas. It has a suite of standard features such as Bluetooth compatibility and GPS as well as T-Mobile TV and 1GB of RAM.

    The Windows Phone 8X by HTC sells for $199.99 after the same $350 discount and $50 rebate as the HTC One S. It also features an 8MP camera but runs Windows Phone 8 for the OS. It has a secondary, 2.1MP forward-facing camera for video chatting and is 4G capable.

    The Samsung Galaxy Note is $249.99 after a $300 discount and $50 rebate. It runs Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich for an OS system and features the standard 8MP camera. It has Google Play, 1GB of RAM and is 4G capable. Other features include an included 16GB MicroSD slot, Bluetooth and a 2.0MP forward-facing camera.

    T-Mobile also sells the Samsung Galaxy Note II which goes for $369.99 after a $280 discount and $50 mail-in rebate. This option runs Android 4.1 “Jellybean” for an OS and has a quad-core 1.6Ghz processor. The 5.5-inch screen is larger than many other options and the 3100mAh battery is one of the longest-lived available in a phone.

    The popular Google Nexus 4 sells for $199.99 after a $300 instant savings from T-Mobile. It features the very latest Android 4.2 version of “Jellybean” and a 1.5Ghz quad-core processor. The standard 8MP rear-facing camera is complemented by the 1.3MP forward-facing camera. The Nexus 4 also has GPS, wi-fi and 4G capabilities.

    Free Phones

    The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most capable free cell phones offered by T-Mobile. It runs an older version of the Android OS (2.3 version Gingerbread) but it has a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor and an 8MP camera. The 4.8-inch screen is larger than standard and the phone has an HDMI-out port for watching videos on even bigger screens. It is 4G capable for faster speeds than ever.

    The LG Optimus L9 is another one of the free smartphones offered by T-Mobile. It runs on one of the latest versions of the Android OS, version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It has a dual-core 1Ghz processor and a 5MP rear-facing camera. The 4.5-inch screen and 4G capabilities make it one of the best cell phones you can get for free.

    The T-Mobile myTouch Q offers an Android-based OS and a 5MP camera. It is 4G compatible and has a 1.4Ghz processor. It has a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard as well as a touch-screen keyboard for users who prefer one or other.

    Nokia’s Lumia 810 is also one of T-Mobile’s free cell phone deal smartphones. It runs on Windows Phone 8, the latest version of the Microsoft-made operating system. The 8MP camera, 1GB of RAM and 1.5Ghz dual-core processor make it a capable phone for photos, video, recording and anything else the user might want to do.

    The T-Mobile Prism is powered by Android. It falls somewhere between a smartphone and a flip phone, having web browsing abilities but lacking some of the other smartphone features. It has a small, 3.5-inch screen and a 3.2MP camera. It does have GPS and access to the Android app market, however.

    The Huawei Summit has a proprietary OS and features a 3.2MP camera. It is 3G capable but does not have 4G capabilities. It does have wi-fi calling capabilities for making phone calls where there is Internet access but no cell phone service, however.

    The Samsung Gravity TXT is an economical non-smartphone option for the heavy text user. It features a pull-out full QWERTY keyboard, 2MP camera and GPS. It operates on a proprietary OS and has an app called Social Buzz to keep track of your social media. It is also compatible with Outlook so that users can check their email.

    The Samsung t159 is a flip phone like many free cell phones available from various providers. It runs a proprietary OS and has a 1.3MP camera, speakerphone and Bluetooth capabilities. It does not require a data plan and is not data-capable. Free phones like this are liable to available with any contract.

    Cheap Cell Phones & Deals

    The Samsung Galaxy S III is offered at $229.99 after $200 of instant savings and a $100 mail-in rebate. This phone runs Android OS version 4.1.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It is 4G capable and has 2GB of RAM, more than any other phone featured on this page. The 1.5Ghz dual-core processor and RAM make it one speedy phone.

    The Blackberry Bold 9900 4G costs only $129.99 after a $370 discount and $50 mail-in rebate. It runs on the Blackberry OS version 7.1 and features a 5MP camera. It has a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen as well as features like wi-fi calling and data plus games. Blackberry App World provides apps for this phone like other sites do for phones with alternative operating systems.

    T-Mobile runs various deals on the web and in their stores which change on a regular basis. Cheap cell phones are pretty much always available with the right 2-year agreement but which phones are cheap depends on when and where you are looking. Most of the best deals on cell phones can be found online at the T-Mobile website.


    Users looking for free phones but who are willing to pay a premium for service might want to consider the Samsung Galaxy S II or the LG Optimus L9. For a free cell phone it doesn’t get much better than these but they do require expensive data plans. Cheap cell phones for cheap plans include the Samsung t159 and the related Samsung Gravity TXT.