• Latest Cell Phones from Boost Mobile

    Latest Cell Phones from Boost Mobile

    More and more consumers are turning to prepaid cell phone plans to get a good deal with the latest technology. Prepaid phones may cost more upfront than phones offered by the larger contract providers, but this cost is often offset by the benefits prepaid cell phone companies such as Boost Mobile can offer. Boost cell phone plans can include unlimited texting, data, and calls at a much lower price than the contracted providers. The pay-as-you-go options work well for customers who do not want to be locked into a contract with termination fees. The service provided is still of high quality since Boost phones are powered by the Sprint network.

    Boost cell phones include the latest Smartphones from companies such as LG, Samsung, and ZTE. The LG Venice has an incredible 4.3-inch screen, perfect for video and movie downloads. The 5MP camera has flash and 720p HD video capabilities, along with a front-facing camera for video chats and vlogging. The LG Venice is regularly $219.99, but Boost phones are offered at holiday specials right now, so the Venice is a deal with $50 off. The ZTE Warp Sequent follows the outstanding performance of its predecessor, the ZTE Warp. Like the Venice, the Warp Sequent also has a 4.3-inch screen and a 5MP camera with flash and video. A lightning-fast 1.4 GHz processor ensures that time won’t be wasted waiting around for uploads and downloads to finish. This Boost cell phone is also offered at $50 off for a limited time. The Samsung Galaxy Rush has been all over the news for its video quality and fast processing speeds. The Galaxy Rush has a 3.5-inch touch screen, and the 8-hour battery life keeps it powered through videos and movies. The Rush only has a 3MP camera, but it has flash and video, along with a 1.3MP front-facing camera. At 4.2 ounces, it is lighter than either the Venice or the Warp Sequent, and its price is also lighter at $149.99. A $35 holiday special brings this Boost cell phone under $113. All three of these prepaid phones operate on Ice Cream Sandwich, Android’s latest operating system, which allows the download of thousands of apps available from Google Play. In addition, they all have Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth available.

    Boost Mobile is even offering a holiday deal on one of the most popular Smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G. This Boost cell phone blows away the competition with a crystal-clear 4.52-inch screen and 16 GB of internal memory. Picture and video quality on this prepaid cell phone are stellar due to the 8MP camera with 1080HP full HD video. Even video chat is higher quality with the 2MP front-facing camera. Purchasing one of these Boost phones is normally $369.99, but the holiday special takes off a whopping $70, bringing the Galaxy S II 4G just under $300. The popular HTC EVO Design 4G is regularly $249.99, but this prepaid cell phone is selling at $187.49, a holiday special of $60 off. The EVO offers a 5MP camera and a 4-inch touchscreen. It is GPS-ready, and Bluetooth capable. Both of these Boost phones, the Galaxy S II 4G and the HTC EVO Design 4G, operate on Android 4.0’s Ice Cream Sandwich, and both phones have the capability of being a Mobile Hot-Spot.

    If the price of the Smartphones seems out of reach, or if the only item on the Christmas wish list is a free Boost mobile phone, then now is the perfect time to shop Boost. All of Boost’s available prepaid cell phones are offering a holiday discount, which can range from $20-$70, depending on the prepaid phones chosen. Many retailers will thrown in gift cards or a month of free service with the purchase of a Boost phone. When these special offers are combined with the holiday discounts Boost is offering, it is almost like getting a free Boost mobile phone. For customers looking for a great deal on a phone without all the bells and whistles, the best of the Boost phones is the Samsung Factor. The Samsung Factor is a sturdy, reliable flip-phone that offers hands-free calling, a digital camera, and texting. It is usually $29.00, but with the holiday special of $20 off, it is available for only $9.00, which is pretty much like getting a free Boost mobile phone.

    There is no reason to be tied down in the new year with contracts and high monthly usage fees. Boost phones offer freedom and technology at reasonable prices. All Boost cell phones are available with no contract, free shipping, and free activation. Customers can return their prepaid cell phone within 30 days if they are not satisfied. A Boost cell phone is a great holiday buy.