• Latest Cell Phones From AT&T

    Latest Cell Phones From AT&T

    Our world is defined by the digital age. From high speed internet to social media, the old adage to be “tuned in” has never taken so much meaning. But if one device stands at the epitome if the information technology era are the new cell phones available on the market, especially smartphones. In a market of compete mobile carriers, AT&T with its wide variety of smartphones and cheap cell phones is at the forefront of consumer mobile innovation. From the Apple Iphone 5 to the Nokia Lumia, AT&T has established itself as a leader in the mobile industry.

    The type of cell phones that a customer is looking for is depends on whether the person values having the most advanced technology of having a mobile device at the most affordable cost. AT&T offers a wide variety of cheap cell phones for those customers concerned about owning one of the latest smartphones at the lowest price possible. For those not concerned about brand or having the latest mobile device, AT&T offers discontinued and older models of smartphones with prices ranging from $0.01 to $0.99 with two year contract. Similar prices can be found on AT&T’s wide variety of refurbished smartphones, for the more discerning customers who have brand and performance preferences.

    An example of AT&T’s ability to provide cheap cell phones of high quality is the available of the Apple Iphone 4 for only $0.99 with two year contract. The Iphone 4, with the world’s first retina display and utilizing Apple’s iOS 5, the successful predecessor to the Iphone 5’s iOS 6. The Iphone 4 also comes standard with the most popular of Apple’s programs, including Itunes, Safari internet explorer and Face-Time, a program similar in use to Skype. Plus the Iphone 4 allows its user to access the App Store and download numerous applications to customize their Iphone to suit that person’s lifestyle. All of these features are supported by the extensive AT&T network, available at one of the lowest prices imaginable.

    One thing that is missing from the features and offers from AT&T is the availability of free cells phones. The reason why AT&T does not offer free phones is because many of their cell phones are offered at a reduced retail price of $0.01 with a two year contract, making AT&T’s mobile phones as close to a free cell phone as possible. Though many other wireless providers offer poorer quality free cell phones as a gimmick to attract new customers; AT&T has the ability to offer better quality phones at a greatly reduced price and still attract new customer without the need for free cell phones. Still, the array of mobile devices offered at $0.01 offsets the need for AT&T to push a line of free phones, no matter the quality or possible benefits of a free cell phone.

    On the higher end, AT&T offers the cutting edge in mobile devices. One that stands out is the newest in Apple’s line of mobile devices, the Iphone 5. Many of Apple’s award winning features, such as Apple’s retina display and programs successfully carried over from the predecessor of the Iphone 5, the Iphone 4 and 4s. What’s new however is absolutely astounding. The old three-inch retina display has been replaced by the four-inch retina display, the most vivid and sharp in its class. The Iphone 5’s duo-core A6 processor makes it the fastest Iphone so far without sacrificing battery life, and with the new iOS 6 operating system, the Iphone 5 reaches new levels of efficiency and speed.

    Android fans need not worry, leading the pack in AT&T’s Android phones is Samsung’s newest mobile device, the Galaxy S III. With advance voice commands and powered by Android 4.0, the Samsung Galaxy S III’s 4.8-inch screen is also the largest available in the market. Samsung’s introduction of the Smart Connect allows the user to share playlists, applications, pictures and more directly with any other Galaxy S III, either through Bluetooth or simply by coming into contact with another Galaxy S III. With Samsung’s famed quality and sense of style, the new Galaxy S III is a phone that will definitely turn heads.

    The first phone designed around a mobile operating system, the HTC Windows Phone 8X was designed to showcase the OS by Microsoft, Windows 8 for mobile. Equipped with a 4.3-inch display and an ultra thin design, the Windows Phone 8X can still compete with the best of Samsung and Apple. The new Windows 8 Mobile allows users to use word, outlook and excel as well as a vast array of award winning Windows software right on a person’s wireless phone. Only time will tell if Microsoft’s new operating system will have the consumer appeal of Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS 6, but HTC’s new phone featuring Windows 8 has definitely made a stir on the mobile marketplace.

    Through offering an array of top of the line mobile devices, and near free cell phones with contract has placed AT&T in an advantageous position in the mobile communication industry. Their extensive network and technologically advanced devices place them head and shoulders above similar providers that bend to poorly planned gimmicks and offering a low quality free cell phone to their customers. By offering high quality phones without the need to push free phones, coupled with one of the best networks in the country, AT&T can offer a mobile experience like no other.