• How To Optimally Utilize Your iPhone For Photography

    How To Optimally Utilize Your iPhone For Photography

    Smartphone technology has come an incredibly long way since its inception over a decade ago, and continues to make significant strides with each passing year. One of the primary areas of ongoing research and development in smartphones is the camera. With a contemporary high-end smartphone, one would have to go out of their way to take a bad photo. As technology progresses, photography enthusiasts and even professional photographers are finding it less and less necessary to lug their heavy, cumbersome, and often tremendously expensive equipment wherever they go for fear of missing an amazing shot opportunity.

    Alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Huawei P10, the iphone 7 is widely regarded to be the front runner in premium camera phone technology, and for good reason. By itself, the iphone 7 is capable of capturing quality high resolution images. With its top-end processors and built-in graphics engines, the sophisticated hardware is designed to compensate for the phone’s inherent lack of hardware space. But the possibilities don’t end there. For the real photography buffs out there, attachable accessories are available that are designed to replicate the aforementioned cumbersome, bank-breaking equipment. While they can’t replicate the images captured by such powerful and specialized equipment down to the pixel, only a keen, highly-trained eye would be able to notice the difference. The following list will detail a few of these accessories.

    Moment lenses

    Moment is a newcomer in the smartphone accessory field, and they wasted no time in making a reputable name for themselves. Made from metal and high quality glass with a sturdy, somewhat heavy build, these attachable lenses are designed to replicate the performance of high-end dSLR lenses. One of the lenses they offer is 18mm, the other one is 60mm. They are built to professionally capture portrait and landscape photographs respectively.

    Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit

    Lensbaby offers three high-end attachable lenses for the artistic photographer on the go. The LM-10 creates a clear and elegant center focal point in an image while replicating a depth-of-field and motion blur effect to the surrounding areas. The LM-20 is similar to the LM-10, only the focal point in the LM-20 is larger. The third Lensbaby product is the LM-30, which keeps the center area wide and clear while generating a sharp kaleidoscopic effect around the edges of the photo. All three have comfy home with those who are seeking a more stylized result with their photo captures.

    Insta360 Nano

    Recently, you may have noticed an inundation of 360 degree panoramic pictures on your Facebook wall. The Insta360 Nano is likely one of the products responsible for this influx. If you are a fan of panoramic photography, the Insta360 Nano is the accessory for you. The small add-on device clips to your iphone via the Lightning connector, thereby it will only connect to the iphone 6 or 7.

    Incipio Focal Case

    In order to take a clean shot, it is integral to keep a steady grip on your camera. This is where the Incipio Focal case comes in. The case comes in two pieces which slide and lock onto the phone, adding a comfortable leather hand grip over the otherwise smooth edges. The product also comes with a removable wrist strap for an extra bit of security.

    Manfrotto Stand

    If you find that your hands are still too shaky to take optimal shots even with an additional grip, a tripod will certainly fix that issue. The Manfrotto Stand is a small, sleek, and lightweight tripod that comes equipped with adjustable legs which ensure that you can securely place it on almost any type of terrain to capture a quality, perfectly stable shot.

    These premium products are only the tip of the iceberg of camera phone technology, and with increasing demand for convenient and optimal photography options, more products are being invented to fulfill this demand. With such a plethora of quality products at the consumer’s disposal, it’s no wonder that the super expensive top-of-the-line cameras and camera equipment are increasingly being sold almost exclusively to career photographers.