• Frontier

    Frontier Communications Corporation is a business located in the United States, within the telecommunications industry. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Frontier provides customers with local and long-distance telephone service, wireless and wired Internet access, fiber-optic internet, as well as television service. Based on their subscriber areas, Frontier is in the top ten of U.S. local telecommunications providers and in the top five of digital subscriber lines, or dsl service.

    Company History

    Originally founded as Citizens Utilities Company in 1935, Frontier began as a local utility company. It was not until the mid 1990s and the early 2000s that began focusing on telecommunications. By acquiring over 500,000 rural access lines in the midwest, west, and south from General Telephone & Electronics Corporation, better known as GTE, Frontier, then known as Citizens Telecommunications, began over a decade of service line acquisitions that would build them into the national telecommunications provider company that they are today. Additionally, they later acquired hundreds of thousands more service lines, from Alltel as well as many of their operating companies.
    Frontier acquired its name from when Citizens purchased local exchange companies from Global Crossing, based in Bermuda. Global Crossing had originally purchased Frontier Corporation in the late 1990s. Previously, Frontier Corporation had been called Rochester Telephone Corporation. Officially, Citizens Communications changed its name to Frontier Communications Corporation in December 2011. Post the name change, Frontier began acquiring more service lines from both AT&T in New England and from Verizon in large parts of the south and west United States, increasing its network to serve 28 states.


    Frontier Communications strives to lead their markets in providing communications services. In an effort to use their provided services in an exemplary way, management staff of Frontier operates much of their business with virtual resources. As a way to operate more sustainably utilizing Frontier services, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and telecommuting are all key parts of Frontier’s management operations. Currently, Maggie Wilderotter serves as Frontier’s CEO, working along side a ten-person board of directors. Frontier employs over 13,000 employees in their U.S. based operations.


    Frontier Communications provides service to residential, small business, and corporate customers. Offering a wide range of telecommunications services and serving related needs, Frontier provides voice, broadband, satellite video, wireless Internet data, as well as data security options depending on individual or company needs.

    Plans, Pricing, and Bundles

    Residential Customers

    Residential customers can choose from internet, television, phone, and security services.
    Internet with up to 6 Mbps download speeds with no contract starts at $19.99 a month if an existing wired telephone line exists.
    Internet with up to 6 Mbps download speed with no contract starts at $34.99 a month with no telephone line required.
    Customers can bundle high speed internet with home phone service that includes call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail with plans that start at $47.98 a month.
    Digital television can be added to any of the preceding plans for $24.99 a month, which includes over a hundred channels as well as local channels. Premium channels and DVR service can be added to a customer’s plan, should he or she decide to upgrade.
    Digital security service can be added to your Frontier serviced electronic devices for monthly costs starting at $5.99.

    Small Business Customers

    Frontier Communications has several standard service options for small businesses.
    If businesses agree to a two-year service contract, high speed internet and unlimited voice calling will be installed for free at a small business for $49.98 a month. As businesses grow, Frontier offers several service bundles for businesses as their number of users increase and their needs for faster download speeds grows. For additional costs, Frontier can also provide custom data networking services for small businesses.

    Customer Service

    Frontier Communications maintains customer service via live chat through their website, email, and a 1-800 customer service number (1-877-462-8188) that operates every day of the week with extended evening hours on Monday through Friday. Additionally, Frontier’s website provides a help center that includes how-to videos, online bill pay, installation instructions, as well as troubleshooting articles.