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    Cricket Wireless

    Many consumers purchase prepaid cell phone plans. The idea of not having to be restricted by the contract that most providers require is appealing to many potential customers. Two of the major prepaid cell phone providers in the United States are Cricket Wireless and Trackfone. Both are subsidiaries with nationwide networks and millions of American customers.

    Cricket Wireless is a prepaid cell phone provider that is based in San Diego, California. The company was established in 1999. Its U.S. customer base is in excess of seven million subscribers. Cricket is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, a telecommunications company that owns one of the largest wireless networks in the United States. Since 2010, Leap Wireless has had an agreement with Sprint Nextel that allows Cricket to use Sprint’s well-regarded 3G network. This has allowed Cricket to effectively service virtually the entire continental United States. Cricket offers their customers nationwide calling with no contracts or activation fees. They will deliver their products with free overnight shipping. Cricket offers several different brands of cell phones. They include the Samsung Chrono, the Mercury Ice, and the ZTE Chorus. Cricket features coverage in all fifty U.S. states. They have several different cell phone plans so that customers have flexibility deciding what would fit best with their budget. Earlier this year, Cricket became the first provider to feature the iPhone prepaid, without a contract. Using a prepaid service is mostly advantageous for customers, but does mean that they must pay more up front for their smartphone than they would with a contracted provider. Cricket does offer nearly unlimited amounts of voice calls and text messaging, which may make it a better deal for consumers who use their phones to communicate frequently.

    Cricket Wireless emphasizes their support for student athletes through the creation of the Good Sport award. This accolade is rewarded to players who have good sportsmanship, a great attitude, and a resilient spirit. Coaches, parents, and fellow athletes can email Cricket with their nomination. The winner receives an Android phone, $1,000, and a year of free service from Cricket. Like many companies, Cricket wants to establish an image as a contributor to the communities that it services.

    Prices for wireless phone service can generally run anywhere from $50 to $150 per month depending upon the plan and features included. Cricket Wireless offers some of the most affordable plans and features around. Some of its current offerings are outlined below.


    Basic Plan: $35 per month.

    The most basic and affordable of Cricket plans costs $35/ month and includes unlimited talk, long distance, voice mail, text, and caller ID.

    Value Plan: $45 per month.

    The Value Plan costs $45 per month and includes the features of the the basic plan plus 3-way calling, call forwarding, 411 services, multimedia messaging and unlimited data.

    Muve Music Plans: $50-$70 per month.

    The $50 Muve Music plan includes unlimited talk, multimedia text, and the same services of the $45 value plan. Additionally, it offers unlimited music and entertainment, including song downloads. Its unlimited mobile data plan includes a 1 GB per month full speed data allowance.

    The $60 plan offers all of the same as the $50 one, but also offers a 2.5 GB per month full speed data allowance.

    For $70 per month, all the same features can be enjoyed, PLUS a 5 GB per month full speed data allowance is included.

    iPhone Plan: $55 per month.

    Cricket’s iPhone plan offers unlimited data with a 2.5GB per month full-speed data allowance, unlimited talk, multimedia text, US long distance, visual voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, and more.

    Smartphone and 4G LTE Plans: $50-$70 per month.

    Each of these plans offers unlimited talk, US long distance, text and data. The $50 plan also includes caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, and 1GB full-speed data allowance.

    The $60 plan also includes multimedia text and 2.5GB full speed data allowance.

    The $70 plan is the same as the $60 plan except it also includes 5GB full speed data allowance.

    Broadband Plans: $35 – $65 per month.

    The $35 plan offers unlimited email, browsing, picture-sharing, and social-networking. It includes up to a monthly 2GB data at full speed.

    The $45 plan includes all these features PLUS 4GB data, internet games, and streaming of music and video.

    The $65 plan is designed for heavy internet usage. In addition to all the features of the other two plans, this plan offers 8 GB data at full-speed.

    PayGo Plan

    This prepaid plan is for those who do not want a monthly bill. Minutes are simply paid for on an as-needed basis.

    Features and Benefits

    Most Cricket plans come with standard features including unlimited free US long distance, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, and 3-way calling. Additional features that may be added include:

    Cricket Local Number: Those who would like to call internationally may set up a phone number in a foreign country so that friends or family located there can call them for free.

    International Long Distance: This plan charges per minute. Rates vary depending upon the country.

    Cricket Navigator: This is basically Cricket’s version of GPS. It may be included in some plans or added to a plan for $5 a month. It includes directions to and from destinations, real-time traffic reports, a detour feature, and even current gas prices.

    Cricket Tethering: This feature allows a user to use a wireless phone as a modem in order to share an internet connection with other devices, such as an iPod.

    Phones and Devices

    Once an appropriate plan is chosen, several Cricket phones may be chosen from. Certain phones are designed to be compatible with certain plans.

    Phones Compatible with the Basic or Value Plans:

    There are several phones available, but here are two of the best ones.

    Samsung Comment 2: With its many features, this phone is well worth its $90 retail value. It offers a 2MP camera, bluetooth, keyboard, mobile web, games and apps, and support for picture texting and navigation.

    ZTE Chorus: At a retail price of $100 (but often offered for way less), this phone has awesome features. It has a touch screen, 2.0MP camera, video cam, music player, mobile web, and bluetooth. It also comes with a removable micro memory card capable of storing favorite music.

    Phones That Support Muve Music Plans

    Two of the best phones compatible with the Muve Music plans are:

    ZTE Engage: This phone retails for nearly $250 but is sometimes offers for under $180. It has a touch screen, and its main features include wifi access, an 8MP camera, video capabilities, music player, blue tooth, mobile web, and much more. Of course, it also supports Muve Music.

    Samsung Vitality: The Vitality is a smartphone with a touch screen. It includes a 3.2MP camera, wifi support, mobile web, bluetooth, web browser, a music player, and of course support for Muve Music. All of this and more is included for a cost of under $220 retail (often on sale for much less).

    Smartphones for the Smartphone Plans

    Blackberry Curve 9350: This is the only one of the Cricket phones offered with the Smartphone plans. Its retail price is just under $200, but sometimes it is sold for under $130. It sports a 5MP camera with video capabilities, a qwerty keyboard perfect for texting or emailing, a music player, mobile web, wifi access, browser, and more.

    iPhones for the iPhone Plans

    There are two iPhones offered. Each comes in either black or white.

    Apple iPhone 4: This 3G touchscreen smartphone is offered at just under $300. It includes 8GB of memory, a 5MP camera with video, web browser, music player, access to wifi, mobile web, bluetooth, graphics, and GPS.

    Apple iPhone 4S: This phone is also a 3G touchscreen smartphone that retails for just under $400. It includes all the features of the iPhone 4, except the camera is an 8 MP and its storage capability is 16GB, rather than 8.

    Prepaid Phones

    Here is one of the best prepaid phones offered.

    Kyocero Domino: This phone is offered retail for under $40. Its features include bluetooth, mobile web, and text capability.

    Broadband Devices

    EC1705 Modem: This 3G USB modem retails for under $90 and offers web and text capability.

    ZTE AC3781 Modem: Retailing for under $100, this 3G USB modem offers web capability and a removable microSD card for storage.

    Help and Support

    Cricket‘s website offers a detailed searchable support section to provide answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, customer care can be reached by calling toll free at 1-800-274-2538.


    Since there are no 1 or 2 year contracts, there are no early termination fees. There are also no activation fees and free shipping. Also, since all plans offer unlimited talk, text, or data, there are no overage fees. Roaming minutes, however, may cost 25 cents each.



    User Reviews

    1. September 13, 2016

      Name: Lori S.

      Provider: Cricket Wireless

      Make: Samsung

      Model: Grand Prime


      Bad reception, constant dropped call so aggravating. You can never get a real person to help. Biggest problem is I am close to maximum storage and I am clueless on what to do about it.

    2. March 19, 2013

      Name: David J.

      Provider: Cricket Wireless

      Make: Samsung

      Model: GEM



      I am A customer of Revol which is part of Cricket i have had service thorugh them for 7 years now what i like about them is the pricing…Less than 125.00 for two lines of service with unlimited everything. what i dont like is the Samsun i currently have just simply doesnt work very well and I paid over 200 for the phone and getting a replacement is almost impossible without having to pay full price of a new one. As a customer for over 7 years i feel like i should be better taken care of from an upgrade point of view and that simply has not happened so I am currently seeking a new service provider with similar pricing and phone quality

    3. February 25, 2013

      Name: Lorraine G.





      I like cricket it is a no pressure phone plan. They work with you at the store, a lot better than over the phone. Customer service is horrible if you have to deal with them over the phone. Most do not understamd when you speak?l