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    Cox Communications: The Future of Internet Service Providers


    Cox Communications began as a newspaper company back in 1898 under the leadership of the future Ohio governor bearing its name. Over time, the company evolved into what it is best known for today: a cable entertainment and broadband services provider.

    With the profits made from its services, the communications provider has reinvested in the communities it supports in order to provide online luxuries such as video, phone and high-speed internet service directly to homes. In addition, they offer their customers the ability to merge all existing services, such as phone, into one provider under them. They believe that providing the best service is much more rewarding than attempting to simply be the biggest.

    Aside from the hundreds of millions of dollars that they pour into youth education programs, this internet service provider also strives to be an ecologically friendly corporation that prides its self on being green. Their commitment to excellence as well as their stance on the environment has not gone unnoticed: they provide their services to over six million people annually, making them one of the best internet service providers in the country. In fact, J.D. Power and Associates said that Cox communications has the highest index score of any home-based internet provider. In particular, they are well suited to providing low costing services for above average performance. Clearly, they’ve been doing something right.

    Pricing and Plans

    Providing cheap internet to consumers is one of their primary goals. Depending on whether you’re purchasing their services for your home or business, they have a plan that you can trust will be the right fit for you.

    In particular, they offer their cheapest “bundle” at seventy five dollars per month. This basic package includes internet, television and phone services. At the next two tiers, bronze and silver, their internet offerings increase dramatically from the cheapest option. They provide up to five gigabytes of secured backup, as well as fifteen megabytes of download speed, which is much better than the cheapest bundle’s three megabytes. Going up another level still, the gold bundle offers a whopping twenty five megabytes of download speed along with fifty gigabytes of online backup, but with this increase in services the price also increases to one hundred and twenty five dollars per month.

    After choosing the right bundle for your current budget, make sure that they provide service to your area. Currently, they have centers across the country. You can be confident that whether you’re in Arizona, Kansas, Florida, or even Pennsylvania, there will be a center near you. Of course, it’s best to check with their site directly as some cities in covered states are not directly offered services just yet. As a company though, they are working to expand and supply their great deals to as many people as possible.

    Connection Speed

    While previous bundles have already been discussed that also include phone and video services, there are some specific cable internet services that have a wider range of download speeds available. If you’re interested in strictly internet plans, then these offerings might be for you.

    At the “Internet Starter” level, for almost thirty dollars a month, customers can expect cable internet at one megabyte of download speed. Scaling up from here, the “Internet Preferred” level provides fifteen megabytes of download speed, as well as a spam blocker and up to five gigabytes of online storage. Moving on to the “Internet Premier” level, customers receive twenty five megabytes of download speed for the relatively cheap price of roughly forty two dollars per month. Finally, at the “Internet Ultimate” level, customers get an astounding fifty megabytes of download speed per month, along with a McAfee powered security suite. The “Internet Ultimate” level doesn’t come cheap though; it costs almost seventy five dollars per month.

    Regardless of your financial situation, each of these internet plans is available at any time, waiting to be taken advantage of. It’s also worth remembering that many of their deals are specific to the internet, so be sure to visit their website before purchasing their services over the phone if you’re looking to save as much money as possible.

    Additional Features

    When choosing a bundle, internet connections are just one of the many factors that should influence your decision. Each bundle affects not only internet speeds, but television and phone services too.

    Their most affordable bundle that includes cheap internet, as well as other services, provides up to one hundred and eighty five television channels. In addition, it offers HD programming and access to pay-per-view events. The telephone services that accompany the bundle provide unlimited local calls, as well as unlimited long distance. It also provides all of their caller services, such as call waiting, caller ID and voice mail.

    While the bronze and silver bundles include the same internet services, they do differ in their television and phone offerings. The bronze bundle provides up to three hundred television channels and access to “ON DEMAND” shows and movies. Unlike the cheaper bundle, the bronze one does not include support for unlimited long distance calling, nor does it provide call waiting or its other phone services.

    The silver bundle, on the other hand, provides up to three hundred and thirty channels, forty five digital music channels, and access to “ON DEMAND” shows and movies. They also don’t provide unlimited long distance calling, although they do provide all of the aforementioned call waiting and other phone services. In addition, they also include the busy line redial function.

    Finally, the gold bundle provides the same number of channels and music channels as the silver bundle, as well as “ON DEMAND.” Included as well is access to sports pay-per-view packages and events, so if you’re a sports fan it might be a good idea to invest in this premium bundle. Like its cheapest bundle, the gold one provides unlimited local and long distance calling, as well as all of its call features, including: call waiting, caller idea, voice mail, and the busy line redial. With all of the discounts they offer, the gold bundle can be purchased right now for much cheaper than the amount it provides would suggest.

    Each bundle also provides its customers with webmail access for up to ten webmail accounts, as well as a spam blocker.

    Help and Support

    Getting help running your broadband services can sometimes be a hassle, but that’s simply not true with this provider’s amazing support services. Aside from the usual contact via telephone, they also have online technical support, as well as a forum dedicated to solving issues quickly and efficiently. It’s no wonder that customers have ranked them as one of the top services in America.

    To make sure their customers are never left in the dark, they have also taken to providing in-depth guides for other products that aren’t even theirs. They have resources for operating Windows 8, as well as guides for things such as plugging a modem into an ethernet connection. If you can’t reach them through their forums, through their online tech support, or even the phone, then you can contact them directly at one of their centers in person or via email. Getting the support you need has never been easier, as evidenced by the support consumers have shown for them.


    With cheap internet and affordable internet plans for cable internet and broadband services, Cox is one of the best options to look into. As J.D. Power and Associates noted in their review of all home-based internet service providers, this company has become one of the top businesses to offer its services to consumers.

    If you’re looking for a company that will work with you to create a personalized bundle catered to your specific whims, then contact them right now. If you’re looking for a company that will provide some of the best support available in the industry, then contact them right now. If you’re looking for a company that J.D. Power and Associates once referred to as being one of the best in the cost and services department, then contact them right now. The best internet service you can purchase is just a few mouse clicks away.


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