• Compare Cable TV Companies And Know The Options

    Compare Cable TV Companies And Know The Options

    Selecting a Cable TV provider will begin with determining the availability in your area. Customers typically will have at least two companies to choose between; a local cable provider and satellite provider. Compare every feature such as, channel line-ups, special packages, equipment and discounts available.

    Comcast Cable

    Comcast supplies choices in premium television along with Internet services. They have a number of great options, with Xfinity offering cable television, broadband Internet, home phone as well as home security. If you are seeking a package or bundle, they offer cable, Internet and phone services in a Triple Play bundle. This provides savings by combining services into one package. They offer packages at an average rate of $89.99 monthly, with a two-year agreement. They do provide promotional offers from time to time, such as $100.00 visa pre-paid cards.

    Cox Communications

    Cox Cable supplies premium cable packages, all starting at $24.99 per month. Their top tier package has a 330 channels, and include HD television channels. You do however pay extra for the HD box. Similar to Comcast, Cox Cable offers On DEMAND features for free. Cox’s On DEMAND works virtually the same as Comcast’s On Demand. They provide a “free zone”, with an array of free shows. Cox Communications is headquartered right outside of Atlanta, GA.

    Time Warner Cable

    Time Warner Cable offers a total of 3 packages: Basic, Standard, and Digital TV. The Basic plan delivers around 20 channels, the Standard plan = 70+ channels, and the Digital plan provides 200 channels. Prices range from $19.99 to $49.99 monthly, for 12-months upon sign up. However, these are base plans, and will not include any fees for additional equipment, premium channels, installation or taxes. Time Warner also supplies home security services in some areas.

    Suddenlink Communications

    Suddenlink offers cable TV, Internet and home phone services inside of 16 states. Suddenlink delivers the same pricing as other cable TV companies for their bundles but, they do offer promotional coupons to their current subscribers. When ordering without a coupon code, savings are minimal if at all. Expect to pay a monthly bill of around $99 for the triple bundle they offer and $79 monthly for TV and phone double play bundle. Rates starting-out around $40 per month at a basic level.

    WOW! Cable or WideOpenWest Cable

    WideOpenWest or WOW! is the 13th major cable provider located in the U.S., and has been given praises by Consumer Reports for providing top Television and internet services. WOW! provides cable TV, Internet and phone services, which are comparable in channel and pricing with their competitors.Smaller but friendly company and customer service is outstanding. You can expect bundle packages ranging from $90.00 to $140.00, depending on package details and extras.

    Verizon FiOS

    Verizon FiOS offers a bundled Internet with telephone and television services; all operating over a fiber-optic communications network. This service is provided in select areas throughout the United States by Verizon Communications as well as Frontier Communications. They will sometimes offer new, two-year FiOS price lock guarantees for new customers. These customers will receive a bundle deals containing FiOS Internet, TV and voice services, and may receive a $250 Visa prepaid card. You can expect to pay around $100 per month for two years, and the offers are not guaranteed for each new sign-up.

    Locate which cable provider service will better suit your needs. Call ahead and do a little price matching while remembering the advantages listed above. Consider asking a service representative how you can lower your monthly cable bill. There may be special deals or promotions available for you to take advantage of. The cable TV provider will typically go the extra mile to ensure their customers not only stay with them but are happy with their TV package.