• Cable One

    Cable One

    With its corporate headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona, Cable ONE is a cable service provider that covers 19 states and serves more than 730,000 customers. Cable ONE – the nation’s 10th-largest cable company – offers not only cable television but also high-speed Internet and telephone service. Cable ONE, as a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, is committed to providing customers with the very best service possible. To provide the maximum service to its customers, Cable ONE has more than 2,000 associates through its many providers and local offices.

    Residential Coverage

    At the end of the day, what most of us want is to just relax, listen to some music, watch some TV or maybe browse the Internet. Cable ONE provides the exact services needed to do all these things. Residential customers can choose from the following services.

    • High-speed Internet with speeds as high at 70 mbps
    • Cable and HDTV with up to 100 channels
    • Cable ONE phone service with tons of options
    • Bundle packages that can save customers money when they purchase Internet, cable and phone

    The residential coverage comes with many additional options designed to enhance the television or Internet viewing. Customers using the Cable ONE television service can also order TIVO or DVR services so they’ll never worry about missing their favorite shows when they’re gone.

    Business Coverage

    Cable ONE also provides service to businesses and provides the type of service businesses need to be competitive. Let’s face it. To be competitive, both locally and globally, in the business world, a business needs to keep up with technological advances. Cable ONE helps businesses keep up with technology by offering the following services.

    • High-speed Internet
    • Business phone services that include free long-distance calling
    • Fiber optic data packages
    • Free web creation and hosting services
    • HDTV cable television and radio packages to keep customers entertained while waiting Commercial advertising
    • Business blog to keep business owners in the loop regarding happenings in the business world

    Available Packages & Pricing

    Cable ONE offers a variety of packages to meet almost any customer’s needs. They also offer a no-hassle upgrade or cancellation option. Customers are not required to sign into long-term contracts. Cable ONE offers packages for Internet, cable and telephone service.


    The Internet package offers customers a choice of 50, 60 or 70 mbps speeds, each with its own price. Each of these packages comes with 20 free e-mail accounts. Cable ONE also does not charge any overage fees so customers can be online as little or as much as they want and still pay the same price. Pricing goes from $35 to $100 per month.


    Customers can choose from an economy cable TV package that offers 20 cable channels and locals or the standard package that offers 100 cable channels and local channels. Prices go from $29 to $62 per month depending on the services.


    Cable ONE offers an economy phone package and two standard phone packages. The standard packages include free long-distance in the U.S., cheap international calls; enhanced 911; caller id; voicemail; call waiting and more. Prices go from $19.95 to $25 per month.

    Customers can also bundle services to save money. The bundle packages range in price based on what the customer chooses. Their best advertised service offers Internet with a fast speed of 50 mbps; HDTV packages with many channels and telephone service that includes free local and long-distance calling. This package is $35 for each of the three services provided customers sign up for the bundle package.

    They also offer a new “Cable ONE Everywhere” package that allows customers to watch cable TV from their tablet, smart phone or laptop from anywhere as long as there is Internet access.

    Customer Service

    Cable ONE prides themselves on priding excellent and 24/7 customer service. They also offer online help, YouTube videos showing step-by-step directions on various topics and a FAQ section customers can navigate through at their leisure. Cable ONE has customer service reps available to help whether the problem is the Internet not working, cable TV problems or just help setting up an e-mail account.