• 7 Gmail Hacks for Tech Savvy People

    7 Gmail Hacks for Tech Savvy People

    Taking a few minutes to customize your Gmail settings, and implement a few lesser-known Gmail hacks, will spare you hours of annoyance year-round. Making your Gmail account work for you, more efficiently, will improve your business and personal communications while saving you tons of time.

    1. Unsubscribe to Unwanted Newsletters

    Although most newsletters and mass emails senders are required by law to post an unsubscribe link, in reality many don’t. This can result in countless unwanted emails making it to your inbox. Utilize Gmail’s ‘Unsubscribe from this sender’ link to get rid of these emails for good. This link can be displayed by clicking the grey “three dot” button under the sender’s name at the top of your email.

    2. Merge Your Other Email Accounts to Gmail

    If you’ve made other email accounts in the past, even with other companies such as Yahoo or Hotmail, and now want to use Gmail exclusively, then there’s a perfect Gmail hack for you. Import your Contacts and even your inboxes to your current Gmail account by using the “import mail and contacts” feature in Gmail. Go to the settings menu gear button in the upper right of your Gmail interface. Select the fourth tab, “accounts and import” and locate the link on the right side of the page. Follow the on screen prompts to merge your old accounts to Gmail.

    3. Use Gmail to Fund a Google Wallet Account

    This is a great hack for anyone wanting a secure way to pay or loan money to friends and family. Send money to any Gmail account associated with a Google Wallet account by selecting the dollar sign symbol at the end of your email message. Select the amount and choose from your funding sources to transfer funds easy as that.

    4. Put Someone on Mute

    Tired of distractions at work, or want to ignore a certain sender for a limited time? Give someone the digital cold shoulder by putting their conversation on Mute. This option is located under the More menu above your inbox. This will cease all notifications stemming from the conversation.

    5. Use Extensions to Manage Gmail

    Sometimes it’s easier to manage incoming emails through a browser extension. This eliminates the need for switching to new tabs and opening gmail. Get your notifications displayed on your current tab by downloading a Chrome extension or FireFox add-on such as Checker Plus for Gmail. After downloading your chosen extension, simply input your Gmail username and password and allow the extension permissions to operate while the browser is in use.

    6. Check for Spying Eyes

    Ever wonder if your boss, a friend or even your spouse has accessed your Gmail account? Using this pro-tip you can get the proof you’ve probably hoped for. Simply scroll down the end of your inbox page and look in the lower right corner. It will display the last login time. If you don’t recognize the timestamp, go to your settings tab and check the ‘last accessed’ log. It will show the IP addresses that last logged into your account.

    7. Give Yourself the Option to Unsend Emails

    This is perhaps the best hack for overthinkers, those prone to typos, and of course tipsy-typers. Give yourself the option to unsend any email you have already clicked “send” on in Gmail and never regret sending an email again. This option is found in the Settings menu, under the General tab. Scroll mid-way down to the ‘Undo Send’ field. Enable this option and choose the amount of time you want to allot yourself for unsending. Even a 30 second grace period can prevent many unfinished or accidentally sent emails from hitting the recipients inbox.